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Personal projects

My artistic interests are not limited to one medium, and my personal explorations, as you’ll see here, reflect this. At the risk of mastering no extracurriculars, I enjoy working in illustration, graphic design, 3D, video, and a tiny bit of audio.

Illustration meets design

My love for illustration has been lifelong, and as a designer, mixing design and illustration is a personal favorite.

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"Illustration meets design" project preview


If you explore the work here, and the messages within, and disagree with them, that’s cool. Seriously, I don’t think my view of “what is” is somehow better than your view of what is. It’s just different. And the existance of different perspectives couldn’t be more natural or expected.

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"Hostile" project preview


The newest of my hobbies, 3D caught my attention most significantly when Unreal Engine 5 was pre-released.

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3D work project preview