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Using YouAI, I created an AI chat bot and trained it using an open source collection of books on meditation. I gave the bot the role of "guided meditation script writer." Using the open source material it was trained on, its job is to receive a user-provided topic and then write a guided meditation script based on that. For example, if given the topic “letting go of regret”, it would write a guided meditation where it helps the meditator focus on letting go of their regrets.

I then gave it some topics and took my scripts.

Next, I took the completed scripts to Eleven Labs, a cutting edge text to speech generator. Using the voice “Emily”, I fed in the scripts and downloaded the resulting audio files.

With all the AI magic complete, I took the files to GarageBand for editing. I mixed the audio narration with GB’s built in audio library assets, as well as some freebies from Pixabay to create the final audio files.

I also created artwork (not generated by AI) for the playlist and each track.

You can find the results hosted on SoundCloud. The result isn’t perfect. First of all, I’m not a professional audio producer, and I’m not trained to guide others in meditation. I was feeling very uneasy about these two facts as I was working on the first couple tracks. But then I tested them out, and they worked really well for me. How fantastic to be able to produce a guided meditation audio file that basically addresses just the things I want to focus on, and also does it in a style that I prefer. The audio mixing at the end takes a good amount of time though, so this is far from automatic. The voices aren’t perfect either. It’s pretty clear that all this is changing quickly though, so I expect everything I’m doing here will get antiquated soon enough, the quality will improve, and more of it will be automatic. For better or worse, as with all things AI-related.

"Quiet the mind and the soul will speak."
- Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati

I am working on more tracks and will add them as they are completed.

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